Canada & Japan

Sourcing a relationship between the best of Canada and Japan to the world.

From outside the country, Canada is famously known for Maple Syrup, Niagara Falls, Anne of Green Gables, Ice Hockey, and a handful of famous brands like Canada Goose. Canada is much more and has much more to offer provided by the multicultural citizens and booming economy. Nickam I&E helps small and medium sized Canadian companies expand globally.

Japan is a nation were many of the top electronics, cars, medical advances, games, and modern technology have influences the world economics. Japanese companies have no plans to slow down but continue to expand globally in new ways providing the best quality and service found anywhere. Nickam I&E assists as an agent for this expansion as an native English speaking distributor and contact.

Nickam Imports and Exports acts as a trade agent for Canada and Japan to the world, with a focus on the relationship between these two countries. Specialising in exporting and importing select items that serve a meaningful purpose to the economy and people. After more than 10 years experience in both Japan and Canada, there is a strong understanding of the needs and expectations of both countries consumers and businesses.